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best international short crime drama

A Lost Man: An experimental film representing man’s greatest challenge—himself.   A visually compelling account of man’s cataclysmic fate set on the coast of a frigid terrain.  A solitary man, lost, rendered defenseless against the elements desperately seeking refuge from physical force of nature and for his own soul.   It is a test of courage, a question of faith that encompasses all of what man is not; but the truth of what man is.
Getting Caught :
​A seemingly enchanting Jenny Rivers tries desperately to keep the fire burning in her relationship with her distant but loving workaholic boyfriend, Mike Andrews. When Mike finds an elaborate ring left in his apartment by Jenny's ex lover Dave Holmes who had returned to reclaim her heart and a million dollars in laundered funds courtesy of the JBJ Corporation, Jenny starts to build a wall of secrets that soon come tumbling down around her.   Her “so called” innocence and loyalty is challenged when Dave makes her an offer she cannot refuse.  With the ring in his possession, Mike goes on a quest to find its owner but discovers more than he bargained for. 

Hollis, NY, U S A

Ozark Shorts -offical Slection

A Chance for Trust

She Takes:
​As her last option Colleen turns to the only soul, she can trust, Jimmy (older half brother). In hopes that He is willing to help her obtain a way to escape a 5 year jail sentence.

16th IndieGathering International Film Festival

Hill Country Film Festival (Apr 2011)
Fredericksburg, TX, U S A

Before Tomorrow: Jake Davis has it all; a good career and a fiancée, the very sophisticated Janet.  However, after the death of his older brother, Andrew, Jake’s world is turned upside down.  Jake learns from his overbearing father that Andrew’s family is facing eviction from their home. His father looks to Jake to do the right thing and bring his brother's widow and two children to live with him.  Janet stresses her intent on beginning their marriage without the burden of housing three other people.  Jake, torn between family and the woman of his dreams, is forced to make a decision. 

Ozark Shorts-offical Slection

A con artist has twenty-four hours to pay a substantial debt in order to save his life and regain the trust of his girlfriend.

Official Selection.  The 5th Annual North Carolina Family Film Festival (2015)