Jerry J. Cunningham, a proud New Jersey Film Director, initially studied photography, which progressed into a career in film.  To hone his skills, he worked on a variety of film projects as an intern, gaining real-time, on-the-set knowledge and experience. In addition, he received various film production certifications from The University of South California, School of Cinematic Arts, the New York Film Academy, AbelCineTech, Rutgers University. Upon completing his academic training, he worked on his first feature film,” Getting Caught,” for which he wrote and directed. (This film is now distributed by Amazon).



Jerry is also the founder of  JJC Media.Net, a production company.  His company focuses on short and feature-length films for theatrical release. Some of Jerry’s film catalog includes: Lost Man, Before Tomorrow, She Takes and A Chance for Trust.  In addition, Jerry is a freelance Director, Writer, and Producer, working for cable networks, streaming television, and corporate clients such as AT&T, EUE/Screen Gems, The History Channel, MTV,, LACMA, Funny or Die, Netflix and Nike, Inc.